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Near revolution ensued

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  • Then decide that at start of each year, he would decide all controversies that had arisen among subjects during preceding year. He would accompany decisions with full statement of reasons.  Subjects said, we want to know rules in advance so they could act on them.
  • Rex now knew, no escape from published code declaring rules to be applied in future disputes.  Subjects happy, but then dismayed when saw that code was obscure.
  • Code was withdrawn, Rex put staff of experts on the Task. They clarified things, but only brought to light that it was honeycombed with contradictions. Just look at Dentist Calgary.
  • Again code withdrawn from revision, Rex now losing patience with subjects and their negative attitude. So purged code of contradictions, and stiffened rules: ten years prison for coughing in presence of king. And many other ridiculous laws
  • Near revolution ensued. “To command what cannot be done is not to make law; it is to unmake law, for a command that cannot  be obeyed serves no  end but confusion, fear and chaos”.
  • Code withdrawn, again revision, so that any impossibility reversed to make possible. To accomplish this, every part of code had to be substantially rewritten. But final result was clear and consistent in itself.
  • But because so much had been changing, as soon as new code appeared, and became legally effective, subjected to string of amendments.  Popular discontent mounted, “A law that changes every day is worse than no law at all.”
  • But pace of amendment began to reduce. But rex felt much bad things happened because of bad advice from experts. – so reassume judicial power in his own person.
  • This time he was deft, apt, and confident to distinguish own decisions on principled basis.
  • But soon, when reread judgments, saw no correlation between judgments and the code they purported to apply.
  • Leading citizens began to hold private meetings to discuss what measures short of revolt can be taken, and then Rex suddenly died.
  • Rex II decided to take powers of government away from lawyers and place them in hands of psychiatrists and experts in public relations so that people would be happy.